Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Course Analysis: MIS496A

The class that this blog was originally created for has ended! This was one of the best classes that I've taken at this University so far. Thanks to my tendency to morph class assignments into interesting personal projects, here are some of the things that this class has allowed me to do:
  1. Start a gaming blog!
  2. Make some cool QR-code posters for my club.
  3. Get the idea for how to run our club's awesome Facebook group.
  4. Get an internship with Riverman Media for next semester.
  5. Make my first seriously-designed level.
  6. Design an impressive infographic resume.
Of course, none of these things are what made this class so great. After all, I wasn't the only student who loved this class. So in this post, I'm going to analyze this past semester and figure out why exactly we found this class so enjoyable.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nine GameDev-Related Things to do During your Holiday Break

I just finished writing a lengthy blog post on my club's website on how to productively spend one's holiday break. An article with that much effort put into it would normally be posted on this blog, because on the club website I usually only post short summaries of what we've been up to, which no one really reads. And so I'm tempted to describe this latest article as a guest post on my own side blog.

The reason why I decided to post this article there as opposed to here was because it's very specifically written to my members. When I asked some of them during our last meeting what they were planning to do during the break, I was shocked to find out how little they seemed to value the free time they'll have starting next week.

Or maybe I'm just weird. After years of struggling to find the time to work on the Interguild, I seemed to have developed some strong mental barriers against wasteful time spending. But that's not to say that I have good time management skills. It just means that I procrastinate by finding something else to work on. For instance, today probably would've been better spent writing my 10-page final paper for my MIS class, rather than writing a 10-page blog post for my club.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Level Postmortem: MIS496A HW5

Postmortems are traditionally reserved for critiquing the development processes of entire games, but it shouldn't be too far of a stretch to apply the same kind of analysis to a single level.


This level was made for a homework assignment for the class that this blog was originally created for. The project was really open; all we had to do was create "something" that would highlight what we've been learning in class. Some people made videos, others made skits, and one group went as far as to make a advertisement campaign with the goal of getting more students to sign up for the class next semester.

Naturally, I decided to make a level, and the game I chose to make it in was Canvas Rider, an HTML5 remake of the popular Flash game Free Rider 2. The level is currently uploaded to the Interguild. To play it, copy the code in the textbox, visit the game page, paste the code into the textbox under the game, and click load.