Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The UA Game Developers Club has Gone Global: Join Now!

Remember how in my last post, I mentioned how I made a tribute image for the Extra Credits Facebook wall? Well, the first guy to respond to that was a student from the Netherlands (no, Interguilders, it wasn't jellsprout). He was asking me to respond to what he recently posted on EC's wall. It turns out that he's currently making a game with other students for a course requirement, but he needed help with some serious problems that was hurting his development team.

After I gave him some great advice from Jesse Schell's The Art of Game Design, he wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook seeing as we were both students interested in making games, it would be great to share thoughts and resources in order to learn more.

Most of you already know about how I started a club at my university last semester called the Video Game Developers Club. We recently started our own Facebook group, so I invited my new Dutch friend to join the group. And just like that, we became an international club!

At first I didn't take the "international" aspect of the club too seriously, but today I started thinking, why not? Game development is already one of the most diverse and interdisciplinary industries out there, so why not join an equally diverse group?

Join Us

So if you're one of this blog's handful of followers who don't attend the University of Arizona, and if you're even slightly interested in becoming a game developer, then I invite you to join the club as well. While our About page is mainly targeted towards UA students, the first section will explain why this club is right for you. Even if we could get just a few non-local members, it would be pretty awesome.

"Join us, and together we shall become the
greatest game developers in the Universe."
The Facebook group is for more than just sharing resources. If you join this club, you can take part in some enlightening conversations, get feedback from the group on your projects, learn from other people's mistakes, and even challenge each other to some online multiplayer.

To join, go to the UA Video Game Developers Club's Facebook group and request to be added to the group. We already had at least one blatantly fake Facebook account join, so feel free to do the same if you'd like to protect your privacy.

Also make sure you set your notification settings. By default, Facebook sends you emails whenever someone posts, but I personally prefer the emails because it ensures that I don't miss anything (unlike some people, I read every single email I get).

Please don't try to subscribe to our club listserv if you're not a UofA student. I know the club website says it's mandatory for membership, but the emails that we send out are usually only relevant to local members.

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