Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on Email Subscriptions

This isn't that big of a deal, but I figured that I might as well let you guys know. As I explained a few weeks ago, those of you who subscribe to this blog via email get the email notifications some time between at 11pm-1am GMT -6:00, which is about 10pm in my timezone. I realized that I've been publishing of the blog posts after midnight, which means that you probably have to wait an entire day to get the email notification. So I moved the email sending time to about 3am-5am GMT -7:00.

That means that you will now get your emails about five hours later than usual, but the whole point of this is so that they don't come a day late.

In Other News...

Check out this huge pic I made for Extra Credits to celebrate the end of the Guest Artists Marathon. I posted it on their Facebook wall about an hour ago.

Click here for full resolution
If you don't know what Extra Credits is or why they've been having a guest art marathon, check out these articles I've written on them.

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