Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Time to Revive this Blog

It's been eight months since I last updated this blog! That's basically almost an entire academic school year. So rather than doing what I did last time, where I wrote an 1800-word blog post that basically said, "I'm busy," I'm instead going to talk briefly about some of the near-term plans that I have for the future of this blog.

The main reason why this blog grew inactive was because almost all of my posts tried to become super-huge, mega-articles, and that habit just became too impractical to maintain. I've talked about this problem before, but bad habits are hard to break, especially when you feel like you have to maintain a consistent style of content across the whole blog. I've tried writing smaller, less significant posts before, but I never really liked them because they felt like they were out of tune with the rest of the blog.

One of the good things about coming back after such a long hiatus is that it's a lot easier to stop worrying about things like that, which gives me the freedom to develop a new style for the blog that will end up being more engaging for my readers and less painful for me. I'll probably still end up writing some long articles every once in a while, but I'm also looking forward to writing some shorter ones.

I will also try to remember to post more about myself every once in a while, especially when interesting things are happening to me. I've always been somewhat opposed to writing posts about myself, mainly because I always saw the core content of the blog to be about game design and development rather than about me. Although, I've now realized that this is a really silly sentiment to have when writing for a blog that's named after yourself, and it's especially silly when considering that most of my readers would definitely be interested in my personal updates since most of them know me from outside of this blog.

So what topics can you expect me to write about in the near future? Well, at the current moment, I've been working on a postmortem for Magnet Ball, which was the game that I made for this year's Independent Games Festival. Since that's definitely going to be one of my super-articles, I'll likely release a smaller post before I'm finished with that article, and such a post may end up being as short as this one.

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  1. Shortpost is short enough! :)

    You should totally make new stuff for Magnet Ball.
    oh and Aeon! :P